Wednesday, December 22

My New Coat!!

"The Classic Vintage Look" featuring for making this look happen. A simple and playful look adding dramatic shades of the value scale telling a story of the past.

After completing all exams I am happy to say I finished my first semester of college! Surprisingly passed all that was hard. It was one hell of a nightmare and now I can finally breath again... (for at least 3 more weeks.) So I arrive back to my hometown as I visit some of my favorite places... This bridge brings back many memories for the good and the bad. I plan on doing a series of looks inspired by my hometown including my favourite and top missed places of Guelph.

I couldn't be more happy after receiving such an amazing gift in the mail. I want to thank once again for giving me such an opportunity to collaborate on this project. If you want to shop the jacket please click right here! This website does wonders for finding magnificent pieces with unbelievable prices. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays! xoxo


  1. Vintage Chic! I really like this look :)

  2. I love it very much, what a jacket!

  3. bobby, your blog is bursting with magic x

  4. You look absolutley fabulious! Gooosh!!

  5. just amazing!

  6. you're sooo hot!! i'm in love with your style

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