Thursday, April 19

Into the SKYE

When it comes to shoes I can be quite particular while trying to find the perfect pair, but after discovering SKYE Footwear they became my favourite kicks for many reasons. 

It's the balance between style and comfort which makes their design exceptionally sleek and practical. The style that I am wearing in these photos is The Powll EL modern desert boot. Olive Khaki pairs well with my wardrobe palette as well as my everyday lifestyle. 

The material is coated with a winterized glazing that helps protect against all wet environments. They are also made to stretch for a perfect fit using the enhanced 4 way stretch material. Since these shoes are so comfy and versatile, I am also able to wear them to the gym

Another practical aspect of these shoes is that you can easily slip them on with the Loop-Lok feature. If you are someone that is always on their feet and traveling these are the perfect brand of shoes for you. 

For more information on how these shoes are perfectly engineered, check out the SKYE Footwear websiteThanks for stopping by and have an adventurous weekend!

Photos taken by Myles Sexton


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