Tuesday, October 3

Toronto Events: Artbound // AmexCobalt

Toronto always has exciting events going on in the city, but last Thursday would have to have been more electrifying than most! It started off with a pop-up restaurant event created in celebration of American Express Canada's new card where guests got to enjoy a five course meal cooked by Chef Antonio Park. What's great about the new #AmexCobalt card is that it's targeted for a younger audience with some major rewards when doing all the fun things like travelling, eating, shopping and even taking a taxi. #YouDoYou is a celebration to yourself by getting rewarded by just doing what you like and not having to work around the card. 🙌🏻💳✨
Later in the night I got to attend Artbound; a party with purpose. This night of transformative talent was overflowing with inspirational people and creative performances. 
The theme of this event was #worldwithcolour while all guests took part in a black & white or full colour dress code. Party with a purpose was created to raise money to fund creative programs currently in six countries and with a goal to expand in the future.  It was also great to see Busty and the Bass, a nine member hip-hop soul group from Montreal who I must mention sounds amazing live! My favourite part of the night was when I spotted the lead singer and got a chance to chat with him right before they went on stage. #Artbound was such a wonderful experience and I appreciate all the hard work and planning it took to organize such a successful event. Thanks for stopping by, till next time! -Bobby 🌃 


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