Thursday, July 13

Strongbow #OrchardGlampGround Weekend Recap

This past weekend Strongbow put together a very unique event on a rooftop downtown Toronto and I can easily say that it was one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences I've ever been involved in. It is Strongbow's vision to reconnect with nature in an "out of the box"and unique approach by bringing nature back into the city in a creative and memorable experience.

They say nature brings out the best in people and with the #OrchardGlampGround set in Downtown Toronto; it was like bringing best of both worlds together. As you climbed up a latter onto a breezy rooftop retreat, you can feel the chill vibe of the atmosphere being made . The warm mood of the event was set with enchanted lighting, acoustic live music, and a variety of delicious food perfectly paired with Strongbow's newest Dark Fruit flavour.

I'm so glad that I got to share this experience with a group of close friends being able to bond and create memories. It was also really great to meet so many other passionate people and creative campers staying the night. One of my favourite parts of the night was learning how to make one of Strongbow's cocktails in collaboration with Canadian mixologist Blake Mackay. You can find seven refreshing recipes on the Strongbow website. I was so happy to learn how to make the Ginger Berry Crush cocktail because I'm obsessed with ginger tasting beverages. You can see all 7 recipes on the Strongbow website. What I liked when making these drinks is how easy the recipes are to follow and that they can be made right in the comfort of your home. Thanks for stopping by! Till next time! -Bobby

The 4 photos above were taken by my friend Mel Rose. Special thanks for assisting me with another creative perspective capturing the night.


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  4. Cool pictures! It's like a true camping but in the concrete jungle of a city. At you can read some tips how to go camping if you want to change the surroundings once.

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