Sunday, July 30

My Rethink, Reuse #ValueVillageDIY Project

During the past week, Value Village inspired me to take a repurposed approach towards a DIY project.📦♻️🔨 The purpose of this #ValueVillageDIY project was to take retired items and repurpose them, giving them a new, practical purpose. The primary pieces, such as the wooden cabinet doors, faucets and fabric used in this project were found at Value Village. I was fortunate to have spotted a wooden frame on the side of a road, which was used as the base. From scattered abandoned pieces, and a bit of creative thinking, this rustic handcrafted bar cart was born. The total cost of this project costed $15 to put together. It was my first time and it was so much fun that I'll probably try it again sometime! Who know's maybe I'll sell some pieces in the future ;) Thanks for stopping by!-Bobby

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