Saturday, December 10

Dapper Favourites

What I'm Wearing:
Elevator Dress Shoes: GuidoMaggi
Watch: Knut Gadd
Blazer/ Dress Shirt: Descendant of Thieves

These are some of my absolute favourite pieces to wear and this particular combination makes it even better. The dress shirt that I'm wearing is from Descendant of Thieves and the reason it's one of my favourites is because it has a nice well constructed slim fit with really nice details where you'd least expect them to be. -it's what makes a piece of clothing stand out from the rest. I like the two different colours of fabric paired together making the pocket and collar detail pop. It's been a struggle for me to find a nice pair of good quality dress shoes until I got these from GuidoMaggi. I've really been impressed with the over all wear n' tear quality and  what makes them special is that they were hand made in Italy with a unique "elevated" concept. I love that they include extra height which can make someone feel that much more confident. My gold and leather watch from Knut Gadd really matches nicely while completing a sophisticated and dapper look. Wearing the right watch really makes an outfit appear more sharp and serious and that's something I've been trying to achieve especially this time of year. Thanks for checking out today's post! Till next time! -Bobby


  1. Great post, beautiful photos :)

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  4. You look so great! I would be happy if my boyfriend come to a date in such style) I think it so cool. Classy, but sexy. I would like to get academic help from a man in such clothes)) And yep, sunflowers are the best flowers in the world. At least for me)

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