Sunday, April 12

New Perspective

m3What I'm Wearing:
Woolrich Blazer: East Dane
Ranger Hat: East Dane
Black pants: Armani Jeans
Dress Shirt: GAP
m4m1m2I recently decided to take a spontaneous trip to Mexico City as a Birthday gift to myself. After working intensely for months I needed a break. One thing I like about traveling is that it allows you to look at your life in a new perspective and reevaluate everything that you have. It's been a while that I've lived the wanderlust life that I feel most passionate about. I'm looking forward to doing what I love and sharing my experiences with you~ I'll be sure to post more so than I regularly do. I'm very happy to enter a new country with a completely different culture. It makes me feel more alert and full of life. Most of all, I learn to appreciate the little things. Till next time! -Bobby


  1. Amazing outfit! Enjoy Mexico x

  2. enjoy your trip~

  3. Spontaneous things are mostly the best one ;)
    Enjoy the trip, looking forward for photos,

  4. nice!
    have fun there!;)

  5. Amazing outfit! Where I can find wholesale mens clothing

  6. Cool outfit Bobby and hope you enjoy the trip. Not sure how cold it is in Mexico though- you'll be boiling in those layers!

    Ben |

  7. Great post! Get lost in other people culture always interest me too :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

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