Thursday, March 19

My work was done, but then you added color.

Look1What I'm Wearing:
Striped Cotton Henley: Denim & Supply
Twill Commander Jacket: Denim & Supply
Slim Fit Burke Jean: Denim & Supplyd110958160_955355217808618_699395465_nd2Hello everyone, hope you are having a good week so far. This is a mini photo shoot I did last week inspired by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren's interactive photo contest. As one of my all time favorite brands, I love being involved and taking part of their interactive projects. This time they teamed up with three different artists to write a story in ten words or less! Their stories were written to inspire us and come together to share our creativity. The story that inspired the concept behind these photos was written by Us the Duo. "My work was done, but then you added color." You can also be part of the art and see more photos on their website. I'm wearing a complete outfit from Denim & Supply's new Nautical Surplus collection that has just been launched for Spring. I absolutely love this navy blue jacket with gold buttons and details. It really fits my style. I get a vibe of romantic nostalgia meets new fashion. It's still cold out so it's the perfect light weight jacket to wear from the upcoming months. It also goes well with this striped tee shirt also from their new collection. What  makes this tee next level is the patriotic detail and buttons for settle but impressive detail. I finally have a pair of white denim jeans with a proper fit! I will be getting much wear out of these it won't even be funny. It won't be too obvious while already having some distressed details along with some paint markings. Overall I'm obsessed with this outfit so I'll be wearing it again! You can shop this outfit as well as the entire collection over at Hudson's Bay. That's about it for today. Thanks for viewing! Sincerely, Bobby 


  1. Such a cool post - I haven't seen anything like this. Also loving the white jeans!

    NIKJAMESS | Fashiong & Lifestyle

  2. nice post bobby.. all the best
    check out my new post here

  3. Love the jacket, love the jacket loads

  4. I am so into stripes, it is fantastic..and that jacket, wow, I love this style very much ^_^
    Happy first spring day,

  5. This is an amazing shoot- I love the creativity and the mix of paint and photo!

    Ben |

  6. fabtastic!

  7. love this look !!


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