Saturday, January 17

Tough Luxe

black1Today's look is inspired by Andrew Marc known for creating luxury outerwear with leather fur and wool materials. I wanted to create a rebellious look that sets a dark mood using just using black and grey pieces with various materials. On the Andrew Marc website there are various styles of outerwear from pea coats to bomber jackets that are on sale for 40-75% off everything in stock. One of my favourites would have to be the 'Holt' coat which is 40% off. It creates a sophisticated look and I really enjoy the muted choice of colour. There are also many quilted designs on leather jackets which really go with my style to complete the look. The 'Phoenix' jacket specifically has many zipper pockets, buttons and quilted detail to give a unique edge. It is marked down to 60% off which is an amazing deal for an innovative design with luxury quality leather. Most importantly it's great to have a jacket with insolation to keep you warm through the cold winters and harsh winds, so why not dress with style while keeping warm? Check out more on AndrewMarc.comblack7


  1. Its snowing :3 you look amazing bobby
    hugs and pass by

  2. Great photography. Can't say no to a bit of fur on a coat either!

    Ben |

  3. Amazing photos!! love!


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  5. Love this look!


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