Wednesday, January 7

Oxford and Twill

Plaid1What I'm Wearing:
Navy Twill Blazer: Descendant of Thieves
Light Blue Oxford: Descendant of Thieves
Scottish Tartan Tie: Bows 'N Ties
Taipei Elevator Boots: Guidoomagi
Mercer Banket Brief in Leather: Coach


  1. Cool look, love your tie!


  2. Great preppy look, but the boots really give it an edge!

    Ben |

  3. This is really cool; you look great and I absolutely love the bridge behind you and the bike. Amazing job!
    I'm An Airhead. Oh Wow!

  4. That tie is perfect detail aiming eyes.


  5. I really like every your classy taste!!!

  6. Love your style!

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