Saturday, January 10

Cold hands, Warm heart

love5What I'm Wearing:
Soft pink tie: Bows 'N Ties
Pink Flower Lapel: Cotton Treats
Wine Fitted Blazer: Wholesale7


  1. this is a very cool look, i think this will be very perfect for a date

  2. Amazing color! cool flower!


  3. I love that purple blazer....fantastic outfit!

    ...and you know what they say about people with cold hands;)

  4. I LOVE IT

  5. Wonderful out fit. I loved your blazer and the cute flower aww.. :3

  6. Such a cool but effortless look. I've just had a look through Wholesale7 as I never knew it even existed. Such a great selection!

    Ben |

  7. <3333 such nice suit!!!
    love it

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