Wednesday, December 31

Season Finale

newyears6What I'm Wearing:
White Striped Tie: Bows 'N Ties
(till jan 1st)
newyears4newyears2newyears5newyears1newyears3Hey everyone!  Just wanted to wish you all a happy early New Year! Can't you believe this is the last post of the year and everything else that you may be doing? I just wanted to thank all of you for being a part of my life and reading my blog. This year has been quite a roller coaster ride filled new emotions and unexpected events through life's surprises. A lot of amazing opportunities as come my way and I'm ready to see what the new year brings. My New Years resolution is to continue focused on eating healthy, working out and gaining. I plan on joining a program called Boney to Beastly which I'm hoping to see more results. I also hope to do more posting, at least on my instagram because I haven't been as active as I wanted, though it's been challenging because it's been over a year since I've had a phone plan. I love being in the moment and not having to give an instant reply to anyone. I also hope to continue going rock climbing at the grotto as I've been seeing quick progression with my experience there. I also hope to balance everything a little bit more consistently with work and start saving more money. Most importantly don't look back because the future is the only direction which we can go. I think that's everything, however I'd love to hear your resolutions for the new year as well! It really helps when you write things down. Somehow the universe brings them that much closer to you!  Leave a comment below? Sincerely, Your friend Bobby


  1. great look

  2. I wish you all the best and joyful to year 2015 ^_^,


  3. Bobby Feliz año nuevo (happy new year)
    first i have to say that you look tremendously handsome in your pictures and the background is so cute :3
    Im sure you gonna get your aims this new year and i hope you spend this season with the people that you love and who are importand for you.
    Keep eating healthy and enjoy the present, knobody knows what future would bring us , we are only sure about the "now".
    i know that i dont left a lot of comments in your ports but i really read your post and i think your pictures are amazing.
    wll, i send you a warmy hug and Happy new year :3
    Good look

  4. Wishing you a marvellous New Year :)

    Καλή Χρονιά!

  5. <3333 stunning post
    love it

  6. What perfect photos! It's still a great style as usual. You guy look like a gentleman in this style. It's stylish, modẻn and attractive.

    Have a great days!
    Check out my newest blog post about the matching couple clothes trend AKA "Ao thun cap" at Thanks for reading,

  7. awesome look!! and happy new year :)

  8. you look so chic and polished in that hairstyle bobby!! ^_^

    Michael Macalos

  9. awesome look
    happy new year!

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    Kisses from Tuan
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