Saturday, November 15

This Century

century1What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Tee: This Century
Denim Jacket: Big Star
Boots: Timberland
Pants: Ambig Clothing
concert3concert2century3century2ector2Ectorsconcert1Earlier this week I had taken a trip up to Toronto to see This Century which I'm really happy had finally happened. I had gotten this shirt at the concert which I saw earlier on their instagram a few days before going. I don't think there was an option to buy it online and so it worked out perfectly because I usually like to get something at a concert to remember the night. The next day was pretty much the most perfect weather before it gets too cold out and I got together with my friend Ector before going back to Guelph. I've been trying to convince him to make a blog because he has great style. Well thanks for checking out my site! Time to go to work! Till next time~ Bobby


  1. Love love love love!!!!!


    1. perfect tshirt man!
      enjoy my new look with my new blue parka!!!!!

      NEW OUTFIT IN MY BLOG: COLD MADRID with my new parka

  2. Cool Shirt! :) Love the look. Beige trouserts and denim jacks just belong together! :)

  3. i really liked you tee and your jacket , both are so cool.
    And i hope you enjoyed the night. Bobby

  4. cool top dude :)


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