Wednesday, November 26

The Playlist

playlist3The Playlist:
1. Always this late - ODESZA  2. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance 3. Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix) - Kyla La Grange 4. Let Your Hair Down - MAGIC! 5. Last One you Love (Acoustic) - GOLDHOUSE 6. No Excuses - Air France 7. I knew You were Trouble (Cover) - Tom Odell 8. Dreamers - Savior Adore 9. Midnight Dancers - Wolf Gang 10. Vincent O'brien - M.Ward 11. Coffee - Copeland 12. Run & Hide - This Century 13. Feel Good - GOLDHOUSE 14. Pumpin Blood - NONONO 15. Without You - ODESZAEastDane
1. Wool Clem Blazer 2. Large Plaid Wool Necktie  3. Kanken Backpack 4. Fair Isle Sweater 5. Prague Felt Hat 6. Stanmore Speaker 7. Dandy Pullover 8. Logo Palm Hat 9. Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt 10. Nomad T-Shirt  11. Plaid 3/2 Roll Blazer 12. Brushed Pattern Print Shirt 13. Press Brogue Shoes 14. Colorblock Stripe Classic Shirt 15. Vincent Jacket
playlist1 Hey guys! I decided to make a playlist of all of my favourite songs that I've been listening to lately as well as some of my all time favourite classics. You can check out all the links to the songs above which will redirect to the songs uploaded on youtube. I also created a top 15 item list of my favourite things off East Dane because they are having a huge week long sale. I made sure to wake up bright and early to buy my absolute dream blazer that I've been keeping my eye on for a while. I can't describe how obsessed I am with it! I could actually get married wearing it!playlist2playlist5I also got the Marshall Stanmore Speaker from East Dane recently and have been completely happy with sound quality and over all performance of it. I've pretty much used it every day since I got it and couldn't be more happy about it. It's great because it has bluetooth which allows me to sync any of my devices which makes it really convenient if a friend comes over and wants to play their music they now can do so. It's also going to be perfect for my Christmas party that I'm going to have next month because I can crank the volume as well as play around with the bass.playlist4Another item that I got off East Dane are these French Terry Sweatshorts which I pretty much wear every day around the house as well as when I go to the gym. I really like the stretch of the fabric as well as the fit of them which really makes them comfortable and perfect for lounging.image001 In case you haven't heard there is a big sale going over on East Dane this week only. Right now you can save big on full-priced as well as sale items by using the code "GOBIG14" at checkout. I made sure to wake up bright and early to get the items that I've been waiting to have for a while! It helps if you make a group purchase with some of your friends that way you can save 25% off even! Good luck and happy shopping! Much love, Bobby


  1. Hola Bobby, me encanta tu primera fotografía con la decoración de la radio y maleta antiguas. Bonita selección de prendas. Besos

  2. Thanks for you comment! I'm happy that you found my blog! Hope we can keep in touch!


  3. NICE !!

  4. I love those pictures, you look really amazing :3

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