Saturday, November 29


shelfies1Earlier this week I went rock climbing at the Guelph Grotto. I've been going a few times and quickly became interested in the new hobby. It's become really to important to me to stay active these days and I've noticed a huge difference with my energy level and being able to do more things. It's a great feeling being able to do something fun while being able to improve my physical self as well. It keeps me ambitious and wanting to make it to the top. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my emoji madness printed tee that I got from Shelfies. I wanted to mention that they are having 35% off everything on their website during checkout if you use the code "BLACKFRIDAY" until December 1st at midnight. It's the perfect time to order your favourite printed items. I also wanted to mention to anyone who lives in the Guelph area that the Grotto is having a free rock climb today from 11-3pm! I'll be there! Have an awesome weekend everyone!! Sincerely your friend, Bobby


  1. your top so cute!! i love your shoes so much, so awesome!!

  2. Love your sneakers!! And rock climbing is fun! :D

  3. Amazing photos!!


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