Tuesday, September 2

We're All Moving On

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What I'm Wearing:
Backpack: Modekungen
Graphic Tee: Duchesse Paris
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  1. Awesome scenery & shirt! :D


  2. Nice t-shirt. I love your photos. That place looks perfect for photos :)

    Herc, Bogibo

  3. quanta foto linda!!


  4. Heyy nice & urban outfit.
    Check http://thegarconnestyle.wordpress.com/

  5. Super cool !!


  6. simply & comfy! the best!


  7. I love your blog and your IG ! Amazing !!


  8. I love your photos, are really originals!
    And the look is perfect, the T-shirt is pure love *_*


  9. Hi, Nice post ! Thank you for your link to Menlook.com

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