Thursday, July 31

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren: Packing for Osheaga

What I'm Wearing:
Printed Star Hoodie: Denim & Supply
Cut off Shorts: Denim & Supply
Available at Hudson's Bay
Today is the day before I leave to Osheaga in Montreal and knowing me, I decided to wait till the very last day to pack. I was luckily surprised by a package from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren with some awesome new clothing to wear to the festival! I was having way too much trouble deciding what to wear so I'm more than thankful to have the fate of my outfits fall into place. As much as wearing wild and eccentric outfits to music festivals sounds like a cool way to stand out. It's been quite the popular topic for stay at home trolls to criticize from flower crowns to you name it. My advice would be to wear what ever you feel like wearing, while having the comfort of individuality and practicality. Right now I've been quite inspired by the colours of Denim & Supply's newest collection which I'm more than honoured to incorporate within my style. A mixture of humble hues of blue and earthy greens of these pieces would be the perfect representation of my expression through fashion. My favourite item would have to be the star printed zip up hoodie that I immediately jumped into. The weather has been very unpredictable so I could only imagine it being even more chilly up in Montreal! I thought it would be a safe and smart idea to wear a cozy hoodie like this one because I can always tie it around my waist if it gets too hot during the day and bundle up in it when the sun goes down. k4
I really admire the detailed patches on the denim. It makes it above and beyond compared to the regular denim that I own. Most of my shorts are too baggy around the thigh area, or too short and foolish to say the least so I'm relieved to finally own a pair of exceptional and stylish cut off shorts. That's about it for my packing experience! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of my soon to come outfits! I'm more than amped to indulge in this wonderful weekend filled with amazing an opportunity. Most importantly, to live in the moment and enjoy all that is around you! Thanks for reading and may your day be filled with smiles! Lots of hugs! -Bobby


  1. Simply stylish! Love the denim shorts!


  2. Frickin' awesome!!


  3. I really love the Hoodie !!
    simple and COOL !!

  4. great!
    love stars!;)

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