Monday, May 19

Wake Me Up //AVICII

What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Tee: ROOK Brand
Leather Belt: Electric Visual
Denim: Big Star USA
Bracelet: OffYourFace
Cheap Cap: Urban Planet
Plaid: Borrowed from Rachelle

Rachelle is wearing a sweater from Choies

Here are a few photos that I took before going to the Avicii concert in Toronto. I wasn't able to bring my camera inside the venue which really sucked because I would have loved to take some photos there. I took my friend Rachelle and she offered to drive us down and we had a really great time eating tacos and chilling at Sugar Beach before going in. We managed to squeeze our way to third row centre which was really difficult at such a massive concert. Hope you guys like the photos! Thanks for stopping by! =] -Bobby


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