Thursday, April 17

Into the Box

What I'm Wearing:
Leather Wallet: Coach
Dress Shirt: Modus Man
Jewelry: Jeweshop

I wanted to try something new from my usual shaving routine. I've been keeping my scruff as long as it gets and it's been a bit boring to me so I wanted to try a cleaner version of it while still leaving a bit of facial hair so I don't look like a child. I look so strange without facial hair so I try to keep at least a little on my chin. I used this 6 blade razor to get a perfect shave from Dorco. I can agree that it's a high quality razor for less than the leading brands. They have some excellent shaving products if you are interested in some, you should definitely have a look.

Lately I've been using this really unique shaped wallet from Coach. I'm completely in love with it's featured striped leather pattern using a mix of navy and black. This item definitely helps to complete any classic and sleek look that you may be going for. 

I got this classy new dress shirt from the Modus Man website. I've been looking for one that can be safe enough to wear to a job interview and also something I can wear to a casual party and I think that this may be perfectly fitting for both. Which is the main reason why I fancy it so much!

A detail shot of some of my new Jewelry from Jeweshop. They are more classic, masculine and elegant than my usual costume jewelry. I'm really obsessing over the bracelet and matching ring. Thanks for reading my blog! Till next time! -Bobby


  1. Great post! Love your photos!
    And the jewelry look perfect :)

    Stray Alley

  2. The shirt is pretty cool, You look extra handsome!!!!


  3. love this!!!


  4. very classy

  5. I really like it this way!



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