Monday, April 7

A New Chance

What I'm Wearing:
Dreamcatcher Necklace: Chellmy Jewellery
Modern Style Long Sleeve: Wholesale7
Headband: Gypsy Warrior
Photographed by Claire Teri

Recognize this place? Haha maybe not today! I got together with my friend Claire Teri and one of her friends and spontaneously created this gypsy tent in the forest near my house. We basically brought all of our scarves that we could find and any colour sheets he had. It was a really fun shoot!! I will include more photos with them on my facebook too! Thanks for checking out my blog! -Bobby


  1. I love the look and the photos! What a great mood it gives!

  2. OMG I wish i can be there :"( such a very cool place!! N ur style is amaze me dude!!! xx
    Anyway, would u like to follow each other ?? Just let me know ;)

    Visit mine:

  3. awesome!

  4. awesome!

  5. omg! this look is so creative! :) I love it :)

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  6. Such a gorgeous look and the background!<3


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