Wednesday, October 23

Keeping Warm

What I'm Wearing:
Mosaic Tee: Nemis, Headphones: UrbanearsBeanie: Gap,
Mustard Combats: Black MarketWool Cardigan: Thrifted, Knitted Scarf: Thrifted,
Color Block Backpack: Electric, Ripped Jeans: Thrifted

Sometimes my dog makes silly faces. Can we all agree that she is outshining me? 
I got this really cool mosaic graphic tee by Nemis to perfectly match my color block backpack, and vintage mustard combat boots. I finally have a nice pair of headphones by Urbanears that have amazing sound quality compared to the dollar store usual. Nothing like a peaceful playlist to complete a bike ride to the park =] 


  1. Love the mosaic tee on you! XOXO

  2. Awesome. You've got a great blog going here, I like it!

    Come visit me :) !


  3. Love the t-shirt! The dog is SOOO Cute! Love him

  4. Your dog is cute and funny :D

  5. So much gorgeous! Love it
    So so amazing

  6. this is so great!! well done!

  7. you are such an inspiration.... am following... please follow back can check out my blog

  8. I love it so amazing!

  9. Nice look and your dog is very cute :$

  10. I'm so fan of you!!! thank you to wrote a comment on our blog!! i appreciate so much!!!

  11. The dog is so cute! Your shirt and boots are perfect.


  12. Your dog is cute:) Great photos;)

  13. I agree!! about what you said about the playlists! I love your entire outfit! it's amazing! May I ask where do you get inspiration from to dress so cool? :)

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