Thursday, September 26

♈ Signs of the Universe ♋

What I'm Wearing:
Custom "Signs of the Universe" Graphic Tee: Snaptee
Rail- Jackrabbit Indigo Jeans: RES Denim
Pax Multicross Rosary: Virgins Saints and Angels
Double Chain Ring: Kontraho
Fire and Ice Ring: Beta Unit
Silver Eye Ring: Kontraho
Mustard Combat Boots: Thrifted

About the Outfit:
A special post dedicated to my newest outfit featuring RES Denim and Snaptee.
I recently downloaded the Snaptee app that allows you to create your own T-shirt design and have it shipped to your door within a few weeks. I wanted to create a Zodiac shirt because I've been wanting a new one for a while and I can never seem to find the perfect one, so I thought to give it a try on Snaptee. You can order it too or make your own by downloading the app.
These new RES Denim are the perfect slim fit with a high quality feel to them. The Indigo dyed colour are the exact wash that can be used for any occasion. Search #resdenim #RESpresent to view more select styles of awesome RES Denim.
About my Day:
It was my first day off this week so I was thrilled to spend some time doing some things that I wanted to do. It started off with another attempt to make a decent breakfast on my own that for once tasted good. It would be called the McThirty minutes from Mcdonalds but we all know that doesn't exist. For the last time I tell myself it would be the last time I apply purple Manic Panic mixed with conditioner before my morning shower. -I've been highly considering going back to my natural colour which I can feel will be sometime soon so enjoy it while it lasts. Other than going for a long adventurous walk and taking these photos with a friend that's about it! Oh yeah! I have to mention a special thanks to my good friend Elle-May who offered me her "Hot Help" by teaching me her special editing techniques on Lightroom. Thanks for stopping by and reading my jibberish! Have a wonderful because those are my favourite! Sincerely your friend, Bobby


  1. Amazing outfit as always! I love the top! Bobby, you are a true inspiration and your style is so unique! Simply amazing xxx

  2. Love this look!!

  3. Amazing look! Love your t-shirt :)

  4. Love your hair and that tee is wicked

  5. This outfit is more simple, but combined with the headband and the accessories it´s a very special outfit. xx

  6. great outfit.
    those rings are amazing.

    - Janine

  7. great totally!!!

  8. wow!amazing shots!
    xo xo

  9. LOVE the outfit. The T-shirt design is amazing and I love your rings.

  10. This fashion is latest for the boys.... recently i have bought latest and fashion T-shirts from cheap mens shorts its affordable and huge verity of branded outfits....

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