Monday, June 24

Baja Blast: Featuring Fefe Dolphin

What I'm Wearing:
Swimming with Sharks Tee: ROOK Brand
Sickle Hat: ROOK Brand
Washed Out Jeans: H&M
5+ Speed Patches: Pixel Patch Item Shop

Yesterday was probably one of the hottest days this summer and so a group of friends and I decided to chill at the beach. A few weeks ago we bought this inflatable dolphin, which was probably the one thing that we didn't necessarily need at the time. (note: never take Tori drunk shopping again.)  So we decided to bring our new friend Fefe Dolphin along to the beach. She wants to be famous so like follow her on instsgram @fefedolphin for adventures and pictures with complete strangers. And most excitingly she's coming the Denmark with us in 9 days! Can't wait to see her crowd surf and do the #WaveRave at Roskilde festival!


  1. Funny pictures!
    Nice t-shirt, boy :)

  2. your dope man

  3. love the look... specially your top :D

  4. I love first photo !!!
    Amazing !!! <3

  5. That looks just like so much fun!!

  6. loooooooooovvvvve your hammerhead shark shirt!!!!!! :D


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