Sunday, May 5

Subliminal h8-bit

What I'm Wearing

DIY h8-bit Graphic tee
UNIF Holographic Cross Trainer Sneaker: Miss KL
Smiley Face Sunglasses: Romwe
Double Chain Ring: Kontraho
Fire and Ice Ring: Beta Unit
Silver ID Plate and Wrap: Wren & Glory
Full Health Double Ring: Romwe

Spent some time earlier in the week cleaning and rebuilding the tree fort in the forest with my sister. I had also made some DIY creations by putting graphics on my tie dye shirts. I made an 8-bit finger on photoshop and used a melting peace sign graphic that I found for the other shirt. I also thought it would be a cool to fringe the bottom of my sister's shirt to give it a fresh summer look. I was thinking of making some more shirts for some friends and possibly for my shop for the near future so keep an eye out for that. I actually got my UNIF cross trainer sneakers in the mail in the morning so I just had to wear them right away! I love them soo much, I've been wearing them all weekend long, and even while riding my bike. I also met a lil friend in the forest, I'm talking about the toad lol. After we took these pictures I had to rush to the city for the lookbook and Levi's event. I didn't end up taking any photos later that evening. I managed to take a few with the photo booth as seen on instagram. Most of the photos were way too embarrassing while I was consuming one too many drinks. Overall the night way hella fun! That's about it!! Hope you guys had a great weekend too! Would love to hear what you all did! -Bobby 


  1. awesome slook!
    cool sunies!

  2. AMAZING tshirt! I love that you DIY'd it! Such spectacular photos! Keep up the good work!


  3. Woah, is this the same tree fort you discovered from ages ago that had all the bits of torn fabrics?!?


  4. love tshirt, jeans, shoes, rings, and ur hair ! love it

  5. Super rad looks! (:


  6. you're unique man!


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