Thursday, May 16


 Rachelle is wearing the new melting peace sign fringed crop top. [Click to Buy!]

Katherine is wearing the new No Face from Spirited Away! [Click to Buy!]

Bethany is wearing the vintage cotton candy striped button up. [Click to Buy!]

Dan is wearing the new h8-bit fuck you graphic tee. [Click to Buy!]

Theresa wearing the new nebula and hoarder cats in a yin yang graphic tank.
Currently sold out but I promise to make another one soon =D Click here for more DIY creations!

Karina wearing the floral and dolphins graphic tank and Natalie wearing pizza forever fringed crop top.

Lora wearing the h8-bit fuck you graphic tee and Krystal wearing the No Face tank top!

Cathy sporting the new Turquoise Necklace and Vintage Mickey tank top! 
 Alicia wearing the new melting dolphins on a yin yang graphic! [Buy it Here!]
That's a wrap! Pizza Party in the forest! :D


  1. Amazing looks and photos for a Pizza party in the forest! ;)


  2. your photos are awesome!

  3. Wah soo summery :D very jel of all these outfits! Your hair is looking gorgeous in green :) x


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