Wednesday, May 1

Coachella Dare Challenge: A Dreamer’s Dream!

 I promised you guys that if I won the trip to Coachella I would perform a “dare challenge” of your choice. You guys voted on my blog to dress up as your favorite dreamer and make a video. Here is a funny photo of me riding on my friend’s shoulders at Coachella. Though it looks like I’m riding a wild Missingno from Pokemon, I really had no choice but to blur my friend so I wouldn’t break the rules. You can see the original photo along with the requested dreamer video below!

I tried my best to make another funny video for you guys. Even though I didn't get as much footage as I would have liked, I still put together a video with the clips I had. It was more of a challenge than I thought because I wasn't suppose to bring my slr camera into the festival, but I had to make a distraction when they were checking me ;) I'm pretty sure my dreamer outfit was a big enough distraction. My outfit was inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, and coincidentally most girls looked/ dressed like her their. I'm pretty sure if you google "what to wear to Coachella" her face pops up so that's probably why. A dreamer isn't complete without her floral crown and messy bun, and for this special occasion heart shaped glasses were totes appropriate. ✌
Fun fact: There are over 8 thousand dreamers on lookbook and counting.

I apologize in advance about the awful ending, I really had no other way of ending it because I didn't have enough footage. Just remember that "when one dreamer dies, an even bigger one is born!" Thanks so much for watching and subscribing! Till next time! So who thinks I should make another dare challenge video? Leave suggestions below. Just please don't make my shave my beard again! ;_;


  1. You're extremely creative with your fashion ideas. It's different and most people wouldn't ever dress like this, even if you payed them. However, I like the clothes. Very bright and very well coordinated. :) and amazing lighting, btw ^__^

  2. Haha what a great video! So inspiring and funny : ) good job and love your look!

    Ali of

  3. Haha, ridiculous dare but you did an awesome job. =)


  4. Great pics! :) Love the arm candy


    ++ THE GRAY'S ANATOMY EXPERIENCE - Surviving among real-life McDreamies: ++

  5. Hahahahahahahaha You're awesome.

  6. i dream with coatchella.... some day I hope! xoxo

  7. LOL I LOVE YOU! that video though!!


  9. Bobby you fulfill your promise. Haha. That's look so fun.

  10. ha ha, really nice. This style fit´s perfect. You should wear it more often ;)

  11. Wow! Beautiful and amazing pics! Love it! I´m following you now, thanks for visiting an following Mens sana in corpore fashion ;)

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