Tuesday, March 12

COACHILLIN' (Vote for me + Video)

Hey guys!! I made a special video! Please if you could [vote for me] once a day! That would help out soo much! If you could also share this message with one of your closest friends, that would also really help me out! You are welcome to choose which dare challenge I should preform if I win the trip to Coachella at the side of my blog. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy'd the video!


  1. you're fantastic


  2. Voting and keeping my fingers crossed for you Bobby, good luck!

  3. Love that sweater and the video! Good luck Bobby, voted for you! xx


  4. omg you are so adorable... *O* haha voting for you! good luck! (:


  5. Oh my word. This video you made. You are so cute. Can we be best friends? I will totally be voting for you! Good luck, Bobby!

    Also I am loving that you are still doing snow photo shoots. The keyboard in the tree was hilarious as well as artsy. What a challenge it would be to hold that thing :) Made for great pictures though! Good luck sir :)


  6. lovin' that sweater so so so so much! this is a great outfit! i'm following you now too!


  7. love your jumper- is it vintage? amazing colours and print!

  8. Oh life after Ella! Looking good!


  9. that picture with all the birds flying around is insane!! so awesome


  10. Hi!

    Love your blog!
    Will follow you, feel free to do the same :)

    Johanna, Sweden

  11. Hi Bobby,

    Great blog you have and will vote for you.


  12. Hi! Thanks for comment on my blog! Love yours, new follower! ^_^ Do you want to follow each other?

    Love the video and photos!

  13. I love how happy you are!


  14. Votado, por cierto pásate por el blog y me votas a mi tb para un concurso de fotografía.
    Me encantan tus fotos y tu estilo. Nos quedamos por aquí.
    Un besito
    Rosa de 2en1cuaderno

  15. Voted for you! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Now following you via GFC, maybe follow back? :)


  16. That's such an awesome idea. I voted for you to do the song :)
    Really hope you're lucky with this contest.

  17. fantastic blog!

    welcome to me ;)

  18. you have a great sense of style
    madly in love your blog

  19. Hey! Nice Blog! I´ll vote for you certainly! :)

    follow me: http://my-little-red-dress.blogspot.pt/

  20. gorgeous pics!!i like your look!!!

  21. Oh my god hahahaha Bobby you are the cutest guy ! Seriously !!! hahah I do love love love this video & I'm going to vote on you in a sec <3 <3 <3 <3

  22. Great pics and outfit! that sweater is so cool!


  23. great photos!! i like very much!
    Visit my blog too, new post up!
    Maybe follow each other via fb, blogspot, bloglovin, chicisimo?
    Let me know

  24. love this look very much!
    yellow is my favourite colour tooo!

    please visit my last post and make some cliks to links!
    I'll be very pleased to you;)


  25. Aww how cool to see you in a video!! Hope you'll make it to Coachella. Love that "Dare" challenge idea haha!

  26. Noooo how's the drag thing winning at the poll!
    I must admit It would be extremely hilarious, but you writing a song would be the sweetest thing.
    The yellow smile comment at end of the video made me laugh so hard :P

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby