Wednesday, January 30

All these inside fires have burned up these outside things.

 Some days I just love wearing all black, but there had to be a little pop of something. When I was this shirt from Romwe, I knew it had to get it. I just love the mix of textures while using blocks creating a mosaic of art. Even on gloomy hazy day, this shirt can really stand out and have an impact on a dull outfit. I was thinking of saving it for some party, but I just threw it on. Sometimes it works out better that way. Like somedays I wake up aimlessly, and do things without thought. But being spontaneous is a part of me, so that works too.


  1. love the detailling on your shirt, it really grabbed my attention

  2. Nice! I want this shirt ♥

  3. Love the shirt!

  4. Awesome shirt, love the embelishments! The snowy landscape looks beautiful :)

  5. What city is this?

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  7. It's lovely outfit^^ Your blog is really cool!


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