Sunday, November 25


In this look I'm wearing a sweater which is for sale on my new online shop GypsySale. Click [here] to buy it! If you haven't been there, check it out because I'm having a weekend long sale for Black Friday and many items are on sale! I love the muted green and navy blue combo in the stipes, perfect colours for the winter season. This oversized sweater also keeps me warm in the winter winds. 

I also love these boots that I got from EMU Australia! They are soo warm and fit soo comfortably while still being fashionable!The Hazelnut colour is really the perfect colour for a winter boot this year around.

I just got this scarf this morning at the nearby thrift store. I had to wear it seconds after leaving and stopped to take a few photos before going home. =]

Today was the first day of snow although it was not really noticeable in some of these pictures. This morning I woke up to a blizzard on my front lawn. The heat from the late afternoon sun had melted it by the time I took these photos. Well that's that. Hope you like the photos and have an enjoyable sunday! -Bobby



  1. That looks so comfy and cozy! I want to experience snow. Even once, at least! Hahaha. Anyway, love your boots! :)

  2. yay, is this shop yours? so cool, i like some stuff there, but i spent all my money on blackfriday :/. aw. anyway, congrats cus it's pretty awesome.
    you look amazing, just like usual. i totally love this look. everything is so comfy <3.
    i see the snow! yay, i'm so jealous. i still wait for snow here.

  3. I love your outfit, still perfect !

  4. Great backpack! :) Also the scenery is interesting :)

  5. so COOL! i like your Boots! Haha! :D

  6. I have seen your looks on Lookbook and Chictopia and I'm a fan of your style. Now I'm loving your blog.

  7. I love your boots! Your sweater looks really cozy, haha. Lovely outfit, you have an amazing sense of style!

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  8. This looks so nice and cozy, love it Bobby!


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