Thursday, November 22


Hey guys!Here's just a simple casual look with my favourite new shirt. It reminds me of spring/ summer trends that I saw at fashion week a couple of months ago. I was on my way to a job interview and wanted to take a few photos of what I was wearing. Hope you like it! There's also going to be a special Black Friday Sale on my new shop so be sure to check it out too! -Bobby

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  1. I love your hands *-*
    And your looks of course :D
    This sweater is really cool.

  2. bobby, bobby. what can i say? i love this look, it's unique and your socks <3! yay

  3. I love your shirt!

  4. Love the Sweater ! You look great

    Love Storm

  5. love the sweater and your socks are epic!! Btw, hope all went well for the job interview :D

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