Thursday, November 8


 We've been having some mad gnarly weather here, and I usually enjoy the sound of rain brushing up against my window but I haven't even been able to leave mi casa. Sandy this hurricane is so hungry for attention she's been chowin' down like it's king's buffet. This scene is a scare; can you tell by my hair? ;)What about the rest of this place? 


  1. This is one of my favourite outfits you have ever worn. You have such a great eye for colour and pattern.

  2. i looove your hair when its like this ! :) beatiful pictures and nice outfit especially the jacket :)

  3. seriously bobby, stop being so skinny, handsome and well dressed ok!? cus i'd love to give you "hearts" on lookbook all the time, but omg! <3 you are too perfect, seriously :) and i do love your style. it's so amazing. every time i go to your blog i'm like: oh no..... bobby..... stop... haha :)
    oh yea, sandy. i'm so sorry for hearing this. hope you and your sister are ok! it must be terrible. you know, i'm scared of wind and thunderstorm and i'd die if such hurricane came..

  4. that blazer is to die for <3

    // xx

  5. Your hais is gorgeous ! What's wrong with it ? ^^
    And i'm just in love with your outfit, the shooting, everything.
    You're my favourite male blogger ^^

  6. Haha gnarly? Rhyming on purpose?

  7. I know, it actually did Bobby! You convinced me. Well, aren't they just lovely?

    Love these shots from your outfit, they're great! Like that curly hair as well, looks awesome!

  8. Your blog is Amazing! Love the photos. Had to become an instant follower straight away :)

  9. really like this outfit, all the colors go nice together :)

  10. like this look a lot

  11. Blazer fantastico, ottimo outfit ;D Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  12. Just found your blog & its insane! I love your style! Where can I get that blazer? My friend would love it!!

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