Tuesday, November 20

GYPSY SALE / My shop launch!

Hey guys! Surprise!!
Today is the launch of my new online shop 
I've been working really hard taking all these photos and creating the website so I hope you like it! I thought it was the perfect time to launch it as black friday, cyber monday and Christmas are all coming up. I've got some unique items so check it out if you have a minute! I only have ONE of each item! so if you want something you better order it quick! This is the Fall/Winter editorial I photographed with my friends Monica, Natalia and my sister Alicia. We each put together our very own look wearing our favourite selected pieces from the new shop. Every item is for sale too! =] Hope you like it! -Bobby

Shop this outfit!

Shop this outfit!

Shop this outfit!

Shop this outfit!


  1. Omg I wish I had money right now. I would totally buy!! Anyway, you look totally amazing as usual. xx


  2. Lovely pics :))

    Visit my blog too :)

    Kisses xoxo


  3. Congratulations Bobby!!
    Every item looks beautiful, and I love all the colors you chose ♥

  4. Good stuff, Bobby! I will keep checking it out. Best of luck on your new venture!

  5. I am so impressed with your shop. There is hell of a lot I would love to buy, especially all of the jumpers. I hope you sell lots and lots which I am sure you will :)

  6. Great photos! Love it.


  7. The store looks amazing, congrats! I will definitely be checking it out more thoroughly after my next paycheck! :)


    1. awww thanks so much Ashley!!!!! thanks for the support!!!! <3

  8. Love vintageeeeee
    You are amazing dudeeee

  9. Just wow, love it so much <3

    Greetings from Venezuela!

  10. Love the nude dress...and almost every single piece in your shop :D
    Congrats, I'm happy for you!
    You have an amazing style btw =)
    A loser like me

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