Friday, November 2


 Hey guys! Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Here's my DIY deer costume. I made these antlers out of papier-mâché, then hand painted them brown. I've always wanted some and it was pretty step by step easy to make. I also got these really nifty heels that look like hooves. It was really challenging because it started raining and was really muddy, but I tried my best to get a good shot. Hope you like it!

 My sister  made this colourful feathered dress inspired by a tropical bird. One by one, she glued feathers to an old dress of hers. Now that hairstyle is a bird's nest! Hype it if you like it!


  1. of course we like it, because it's YOU, Bobby. ;3

  2. Eeeeee ya dead clever you. Awesome outfit and I love all the poses.

  3. Her dress is crazy! Love it!
    And love your outfit too <3

  4. amazing costume bobby :) love the antlers ! and your sisters costume is so cute !! <3

  5. Wow guy I love so much your post!! You have a great style!!!

  6. you guys put so much creativity on both your Halloween costumes. cool! <3

  7. Hi dear, I just found your blog on lookbook and I LOVE IT . what do you think of following each other?


  8. Awesome ! Really, this shooting is incredible ! Perfect perfect :-D

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby