Wednesday, October 3


 About the outfit:
I've been obsessed with oversized knits and what's better than to wear a classic colour of the season. Red hues to mustard yellow and even military green are seen all over the online streets of! One of my favourite colours of the season would be crimson. Maybe try mixing all of the colours together like seen on the trees -If only that ombre meshed jumper existed! I've been dying over these new pleather spiked pants that I recently ordered off Romwe. I've been looking for them for a while and was considering making my own! Now that it's October I thought the bring out my skeleton dress shoes! I got inspired by my friend Jennifer Wangwho recently posted a look wearing skeleton leggings!I've always been such a fan of skeleton apparel but feel awkward wearing them any other time of the year. Silver necktie is from Vanessa Mooney, and the skull detail on the collar of my dress shirt was something I did on my own when I was really bored. Lastly I must talk about my new ring that I got from this little online boutique called 'Kontraho'. It's a white brass all seeing eye ring and it fits just like a charm! Hope you like my outfit! and if you don't well.. I just might have to sack you with my spiked knee! ;)
About my day:
I didn't really announce it but I unofficially moved to my hometown Guelph for a month (or two) now that my lease is up. Honestly I'm really happy to be back spending time with my family and peaceful hideaways. Most of my friends had moved away so it may get a little boring at times so I've been thinking about getting a little pet rat. Guelph right now has blossomed into such beautiful colours so I hope to be doing a lot of bike riding and walking around taking pictures.
One of my favourite places is the bridge in my photos! I hope to take some more pictures before the leaves crumble away. So it's Thursday, my favourite day thanks the the Albion. Have a lovely long weekend and enjoy the thanksgiving turkey! Warmest wishes, Bobby


  1. you are the best!

  2. Bobby! Glad to hear you are enjoying the autumn weather! It's so strange how fast the seasons change here! You look amazing as always.

  3. you are so beautiful and your style is so good, I am speechles!

  4. love the color of your sweater as well as those spiked pants. Such a good outfit, really.

  5. This autumn look is above perfection bobby!
    I love it (finally I can comment your blog, hihi!)♡

  6. Its such a beautiful town! I love your pants so much

  7. The pants are so fierce, I really love them!!

  8. WOW! <3
    Following you


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