Wednesday, September 19


 It's been over a week since my blog crashed. My apologies for not mentioning anything, it had something to do with error 404 maintenance in progress. Did any of you experience the same error? Seems like all is going wrong on my end no matter the effort I give. As you know, I've been doing a lot of traveling. Toronto to Montreal, to New York to Guelph. Now that I'm home I am able to have a blogger's state of mind. I've also included my previous looks that I posted earlier this week with additional photos. More content will be posted soon! Thanks for stopping by -Bobby

I got my nebula graphic tee, studded cap, triangle rings and buckled bracelet all from Romwe.

Star sign button down: Wildfox, Fendi Glasses: Glassesshop

Military duffle bag: Trucker Delux, Jeans: Big Star

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  1. Omg! I missed you soooo much!!! I am so glad that your blog is back up! I thought it was just me who's not able to access. I got so frustrated and worried. Haha! Anyways, welcome back!
    P.S. I am so lovin your new banner! <3

  2. omg! your shirt is awesome! and you have a pretty blog as well :)
    i'm following you now, follow me back if you want.

  3. you're too cool!! i love your blog and style <3

  4. SUPER COOL!!! I really love your Shirt Bobby! :D

  5. Your jeans are nice and I love your cap.


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