Saturday, July 28


  Sometimes I don't know where to begin when writing a blog post. I was going to let the photos speak for themselves, but then I wanted to mention a few things. And of course there are a few of you out there who enjoy my writing as much as observing my photos, and for that I'm thankful for.

It was an extremely windy day up on Cityview, earlier in the day I was inspired to do an editorial incorporating movement with the wind. And so I scrambled around in my basement to find anything flowy when I came across this black piece of fabric that smelt like halloween. Yes, as embarrassing as it sounds, I'm sure it was part of a costume. But I liked the way it looked when I held it up to the sun, and I see right through it. I wanted to create a dark and edgy look while challenging myself to wear all black. I recently got my spiked flats from Romwe, and this really cool silver tie necklace from Vanessa Mooney. I also have been sporting tattoo art from DCER. I'm really fond of minimal designs and so I definitely support their concepts. I was thinking of submitting a few of my own designs to them, and who knows, maybe one day I could be wearing one of my own designs. 

I wanted to announce the winner of my previous Romwe giveaway held last month. With a value of over $200, the prize includes $100 gift certificate to Romwe, a pocket watch valued at $89, and a USB programable message fan valued at $35. And the winner for this prize goes to comment #28 congratulations Jm, you are the lucky winner and will be contacted shortly =] I also want to thank everyone for participating; I  really wish I could choose more than one winner, but on the bright side I already have another giveaway going on my blog. If you want to win a Meister watch, just [click here] to enter!

 Silver tie necklace: Vanessa MooneySpiked Flats: RomweTattoo Art: DCER


  1. Wow gorgeous photos and I love the outfit :) xx

  2. I absolutely love every one of your posts. Your one of my favorite bloggers. These photos are supercool!

    1. wow omg!!! thanks for such an amazing comment!!! :O

  3. wonderful

  4. Amazing shots! ♥

  5. I absolutely love your tattoo, your tie, and the artistic photographs!


  6. Oh my!
    Bobby, I'm amazed!
    both the look and the shots are beyond cool

    Marie Lú

  7. amazing photos!
    love your shoes


  8. Oh gosh! It's amazing! Love your shoes and your tattoo soo much!

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be really greteful :)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  9. These pics are just stunning....

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  11. You're very mysterious on some pics : THE dark elegancy. I do love it.

  12. The pictures are SO stunning, wow. magical somehow!

  13. found YOU and finally FOUND THIS !!! you're supercool! i love ya!

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