Wednesday, July 18

Number A: Team Sonic

  A watch that's cooler than most, check out Number A Boutique for more trendy and unique items. This purple quirky watch with wood detail is actually special edition from the Meister series. The material that it's made with is very high end quality with stainless steal, and a rubber strap leaves that leave a comfortable fit. I highly recommend one! I'm actually really excited to announce that I'll be hosting a giveaway with a watch from this brand for one lucky subscriber. I'll be releasing it soon, so stay tuned! 

  Now let's take a flash back to the 90's with a look inspired by a bright and funky block of colours, and how could I forget Sonic? In case you don't know, Sonic happens to be one of my favourite icons as a child, and I actually found this shirt in the children's section of Value Village back in the day and it was WAY too small for me that I couldn't even fit one arm in- and so I cut off the graphic and stitched it on a much more fitting shirt which I then cut into a v-neck tank top. It's kind of a odd habit of mine, I'll buy a hilarious or oversized graphic shirt which nobody would actually wear, then turn it into a tank top, which then everybody wants to borrow from me, and then a month later it will miraculously go missing :P ahhaha! anyways, I use to play Sonic and when I noticed there was an app for it I was like damm I need that! but then I noticed it costs $1.99 to download (and bitch, you know I ain't payin to download an app), but for a some reason I was able to download it for free and for a limited time! I was a lucky one, because it's not free anymore, but if I catch it free again, I'll make sure to tweet about it so that we can all play together because yes it's multiplayer! I just had to blab about how awesome of an app it is because I just unlocked some of my favourite characters! Do any of you know 'Beat' from 'jet grind radio'? I only wish I could be as cool as him, but I don't even own rollerblades or spray paint. 'Ulala' from 'Space channel 5' I never played that game but she's friggen hot ahaha... Obviously I like playing as 'Samba de Amigo' because he's Mexican just like me :D lmao okay enough with the jokes, I took some pictures of them below if you wish to see.

    Hope you like today's post because yes, it's longer than most. Blame the sleepless nights, and since I'm in the writing mood, I just wanted to let you know once again, thanks soo much for all the support and all the online attention and positive feedback you've been telling me. I've really been making an effort to post constantly and by giving my heart out to you because sharing what I love with the world is my passion. Sincerely, your friend Bobby!


  1. Dude , excuse my french, but I freaking LOVE this outfit. Sonic all the way! And those boots are flippin awesomeee.

  2. Wow, that's taking an addiction to a whole new level of fandom!

  3. I just noticed that it's been a month since my last comment! Oh, shame on me! Don't worry, as an avid fan, I haven't missed any post yet. Yay! ;) Anyways, I think Amigo is so fun! He kinda looks like Lufee from One Piece! I'm not really a big fan of Sonic. I dunno but watching him as a kid kinda annoys me. Maybe because he is blue and too fast? Lol. I'm weird! I would love to play the game with you though! :D

  4. Oh my goodness I absolutely love your Sonic-esque outfit! :)


  5. nice post and cute sonic tank!

  6. SONIC! when I was little I used to play at mcdonalds on those little like video game machines and I remember always playing some sonic game, haha.

    & I love your outifit!


  7. Amazing outfit!You are cute:) I followed you,if you want,follow me too:)

  8. Wow, are you a model? Gorgeous!

  9. Funny shirt, nice watch and wonderful blogheader!
    I follow you know :)
    Me and a friend have a fashion blog too. It would be great if you visit us, leave a comment and maybe follow us on facebook, bloglovin or as a member on our blog...:)

  10. Sonic Lov, great look

  11. Sonic haha I like him ;] omg great T-Shirt so colorful and unsual :]

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