Monday, July 9

Heart on sleeve.

 One thing I miss wearing are bow ties. When I found one hiding at the back of my accessories drawer, I thought it would be the perfect day to wear it. The rest of my outfit is pretty basic; I was going for a classic look. Yesterday I finally ended up using my Best Buy gift certificate, which I got when purchasing my cell phone. I've been prolonging it since Christmas because I honestly couldn't find one thing I wanted, but yesterday I noticed they had a remote wireless control for cameras, which was exactly what I needed. So when I arrived home before the sunset, I decided to test it out. And here are some of the photos! Hope you like them. –Bobby


  1. These look great! I think I need a remote too...

  2. Oh my goodness, bow ties are so so nice on men!

  3. bowties are the sexiest thing that a guy can wear as an accessoir!

  4. you have a great style, this is a simple outfit but look nice in you, I follow you a time ago and really you are a creative and authentic person I hope you are well, and if you can visit my blog and comment your opinion about it is going to be a pleasure!

  5. amazing pictures here!
    i love the way light is being used
    your blog is so stylish, with perfect outfits, I'll come back ;)

  6. The look is awesome. You're awesome. Period.
    : )

  7. You've got a good eye for styling


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