Friday, May 11

Where's Waldo? /ANTM Event Part II

I just got this shirt, and I have to admit, I'm in love with it soo much I've worn it a few days in a row... I just can't resist it's awesomeness, honestly it's hard to take off. anywho! can you find waldo??  at first sight it took me a good minute, and I convinced myself if I couldn't find him when trying it on I wasn't going to buy it, (who am I kidding) but luckily I found him! :D I made sure to take a close up shot, so that you can find Waldo also! Good luck! 
Some more photos taken at the ANTM Live event. I had all access passes for the weekend so I took my friend Janna because we are always going to fashion parties together & she really knows how to milk it ;) Because of Janna's long bronze legs, people were just throwing stuff at us, and we managed to get a giant bag full of free samples and snacks. haha!!
Janna is getting fake n' bake spray tanned! LMAO <3


  1. Amazing pictures! She does have gorgeous legs haha.

    1. aww thanks Clouds!!! your comment made me laugh! love you!! <3

  2. I was intently looking for Waldo on the first close-up shot. After 10 minutes, I still couldn't find him so I decided to give up and just scrolled down the page. That's when I immediately noticed the second photo where Waldo is. That's why I can't find him, I was looking at the wrong photo! Lol! How stupid of me! Anyway, I love the ANTM Live photos!!! Looks like you and Janna really had a blast! And you even got to see Laura, Bianca, and Shannon? Wow! I would have died if I have been in the presence of these gorgeous ANTM girls! Jealous much. <3

    1. awww Jeenee, that comment made my day! thanks so much!! that's funny that you couldn't find waldo in that photo, I tried to make it a little tricky! ;) yeah i got to take a picture with bianca and then I kept bumping into Laura. she was soo sweet!!! Lisa's outfit looked amazing but I didn't manage to snag a good photos because she's always running around lol oh well!

  3. Beautiful photos, cute shirt! <3 and have a great event Bobby! :)


  4. LOVE the waldo shirt, I NEED it!

    that antm event looked like so much fun!

    ps- love your blog :)

  5. I needed a minute to find Waldo but I did it haha :D Great pics;))

  6. Omg I love your tshirt! Great pictures! Looks like an amazing event! X

  7. wow I love USA, so I felt in love in your headband for the first time ;] wow really great!

    bye, Adam :D

  8. Perfect outfit! I love this headband since I first saw Bethany wearing it at the post with the longboard. It's the same right?
    btw the picture in which you are supposed to be photographed by the paparazzi is epic :)

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