Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

My dear friend Monica and I on Valentine's day last year.


  1. Such lovely photos and Monica's outfits are beautiful. Looking good in that pink shirt ;)

  2. ohhhhh lovely photos! you are both so cute and look wonderful together! not only couples should/could look good together, but friends too :)

  3. Wow, she is incredibly beautiful!
    seems like an amazing friendship

  4. Awwww these pics are all so lovely! The pair of you are beautiful :) x

  5. You both look cute on all photos :) I like your shirt and bag from first pic :)
    happy valentine's ;)

  6. Nice pics! You two seems to have such a lovely time together! that´s cool! xx

  7. Great looks!! Lovely pictures!


    x Rick

  8. Omg Bobby! You and your friend look so adorable here!
    How lovely :) Happy Valentine's day!

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  9. cute outfit, bobby!


  10. Haha, all your ensembles are awesome. My favourite one has to be you and your friend on the carousal. Glad to know you're from Toronto, btw!

  11. Olá, amei o blog, vou seguir,
    me segue também?


    beijo com carinho

  12. lovely friendship <3
    i love you both :)

  13. you guys look so cute! :)
    from you new followers at sincerelyrenay.blogspot.com

  14. You have the most amazing photos! I love the variety in this post. Bobby I've featured you on my blog in a post about my favorite male fashion bloggers. Hope you don't mind and check it out if you'd like!


  15. OMG!!!!AMAZING!!!!

  16. Congratulations on winning in LB Valentine's contest! I'm looking forward new post! ;>

  17. your pictures are so amazing - both of you have this feeling for fashion <3 i'm inspired. <3 you have a new follower ! xxx from Germany

  18. amazing photos! they all look great!

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. | http://costinm.com

  19. Beautty bow tie. I invite you here PewienPan if you like bow tie.

  20. I loveee these pictures! and the last one is sooo awesome!

  21. So cute, So sweet and A really Close Chemistry both of you! Hope both of you stay that way! :)))

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    Valentine Friends

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