Sunday, December 11

The things a big city may bring you.

Hey guys, sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I didn't think taking 8 courses in school would be this hard to handle which becomes the main reason why I've been I've been away. The good news is that I only have a week left of school, so I promise I'll spend more time being online and writing on my blog. This entire outfit is brought to you by Lavish & Squalor. I'm in love with this soft multi-toned paisley print shirt. The chocolate coloured cardigan that I chose fits as the perfect layering piece winter ensemble. Most especially love the hat, you know how much I love hats! This location is one of my new favorite places to take photos, which is on Queen west. It's the perfect time because its right by my internships this semester.
Paisley Button Up- Vanishing Elephant, Bison Hat- Brixton, Chocolate Brown Cardigan- Life After Denim 
Next friday, the 16th to be exact, I'm hosting my very own Cinq a sept at Lavish & Squalor, which every friday they choose a local artist or designer to guest host and offer free drinks to who ever comes by from 6-8p.m. The location is 253 Queen Street West, closest to Osgoode Station if you take the subway. I'll be on the second floor at the bar if you wanna stop by and say hello! That would be amazing =] I think we are going to arrange a style contest too where I'll be taking photos of everyones style, and perhaps a few of you could win gift certificates for the shop! I'll explain more detail in another post very soon, just keep aware! and hopefully I see you friday! Till next time, much love from Bobby. 


  1. Love your outfit, especially your shoes are amazing! :)

  2. Love the luggage bag :)

  3. Great look Bobby ! I really like the hat and the little briefcase it adds a very nice touch to the whole outfit. Oh & the 16th has a big red circle on my calendar!

    See you there :)

  4. haha awww thanks!! :D what a surprise! see you soon =]

  5. Last night I went to see the russian ballet perform The Swan Lake. And the guy who danced/played the role of the jester looked exactly like you!
    It was amazingly beautiful and I swear - he could be your secret twin brother :) !!!

    Ps. I love your blog ;)

  6. 8 courses is pretty much self destruction. for me taking 6 courses resulted in 4 hours of sleep a night and eating like there is no tomorrow.

    Good luck with your last week and have fun at the event!


  7. Wow, this outfit so amazing! All look so great and very beautiful colours! *_* :))

  8. has anybody ever told you your hair is the stuff dreams are made of?


  9. awww Sunnie!!! that comment just made my day!! <3

  10. This outfit is amazing on so many levels. Good luck on your last week of school!

  11. Lovely sweater and color combinations!

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby