Monday, December 19

My Cinq à Sept & Style Contest Event at Lavish & Squalor

                 As the semester ended, I began my holiday by hosting my very own ‘Cinq à Sept’ and Style Contest held at Lavish & Squalor over the weekend. It was an overwhelming night for most of us fashion students, after finishing our final exam that evening. We left the school chanting, “Can we get much higher” while riding the bus with a hand full of balloons. I can’t write down in words how great of a night it was. Thanks to everyone who came down to support me, it was very heart-warming to see all my closest friends all together! A special thanks to my best friend Gary for helping me host the event by taking pictures, making drinks, and being the socialite that he is, really was the cherry on top! I also want to specially thank Anne, the owner, for generously giving me this opportunity to host such an amazing event and providing me with the drinks, gift certificates, and my favorite new dress shirt, which I got to wear to the event! Now looking back, I couldn’t have asked for a better night, I really wish life had a rewind button =]
Congratulations to Chelsea, Egor and Gemma for being the winners of my style contest!
We encountered Gemma on the subway about a week ago and had to invite her! It was such a surprise to see her show! Love her floral pleated skirt complimenting her bubbly personality.
I really like everything about Egor's outfit; especially his puppy printed scarf and beanie. Hands down the cutest dressed boy :3 I think this is how every guy should dress.
Simply obsessed with Chelsea’s fiery monochromatic ombre volcano explosion! What an enchanting combination Charizard! <3 an honest win (this time!) I could just go on for days!!!


  1. yay!! <333
    have a great winter break!


  2. lovin ur bowtie bby
    congrats on your event!!!

  3. awww!!! thanks guys!!! it means a lot!! <3

  4. It looks like a lot of fun bobby! such a stylish party ^^

  5. Everyone looks so lovely! Looks like you had a great time. Congrats on finishing the semester off on a good note!


  6. thanks so much :D happy holidays! <3

  7. Love all the outfits! Specially yours :-)
    Merry Xmas!

  8. ahhh you guys look fabulous!!! lol looks like half our class made it :P

  9. awww i know! it's like everyone who mattered was there!! :D <3

  10. Bobby, your incredible! This post is amazing; I can tell a lot of time went into it! I am very happy to hear you had a good time at your cinq a’ sept! Thanks so much for the shout out, I do it because I care & I wanted your event to be the thing to hit squalarland ( & it was) ! Unicorn blood never tasted so good!

  11. aww!! thanks soo much Gary!! you're the bestest friend ever <3

  12. Very stylish people at a great party. Who is the girl with the glasses and septum piercing? I love her style! Does she have a blog?

  13. Bobby you look different have you done something with your look? But love it. Love the Christmas theme to the blog ;) <3

  14. ahhaha she should!! her name is Genève! her lookbook profile is

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