Thursday, November 17

Midterms in the Fall.

Being a full-time student,  I've been so busy with school, midterms and all. Today I had my Spanish and Retail Buying exam; very overwhelming to say the least! Luckily all my studying paid off; for Spanish, but Retail Buying and doing mathematics is not my strength. After  3 hours had nearly gone by I couldn't even finish! Strangely enough, a bizarre amount of my answers appeared 666! I figured either my teacher might be satanic, or something's up with me! AHHA Anyways, I took these photos with my friend Gary on my lunch break. (He's new to blogging, so if you have time, you should check him out!) Now that the weather's getting cold, it's more appropriate to wear lots of layering! This is my favorite new cardigan with elbow pad detail. I also got this new plaid flannel from H&M. Normally I don't wear plaid, but I felt this is one was perfect! The trousers I am wearing are thrifted from Value Village for only 4.99, and lastly the glasses are from Proopticals. I love the wooden detail and print on them! Well, that is all, thanks for reading! Till next time.


  1. aww thanks Winda!! ^^Thanks for the sweet comment! I'll be sure to check out your blog too!! <3

  2. Beautiful glasses! ** I love this look!

  3. love this bobby! you look great, as always and those pictures somehow look magical. hope your exam went well though, I just finished my mid-term aswell :)

  4. bobby i miss your jesus looks :( hahaha but the cardigan + plaid rocks! interesting mix of textures <3

  5. love the cardigan and wow, those are some wicked glasses. I gotta check em out!

  6. A well wore plaid can get great results, as you did! Love the way you matched it with the cardigan...and that trousers are a great find! Hope your exams are great! Buena suerte! xx

  7. Wow, i hope you are okay on all your subjects
    and the school, but hey glad you're back Bobby ^^

  8. I love your cardigan! I honestly love big chunky cardigans with elbow patching. (:

  9. Wow, Bobby these photo's turned out great! Thanks for the shout out, it's much appreciated!

    Keep up the good work, your a big motivational attribute to me and your followers :)

  10. Every outfit tells one's stories,thanks for sharing their styles here. It always feels delightful to see these nice works....

  11. Your look is amazing, and I'm in love with your purse! *-*

    xo, Ian.

  12. Bobby! Love it all, all, all...I'm sure I'm not the only one who's fancy-dress-fetish has induced many an idle daydream about raping ur wardrobe! I thought mine was dramatic, but cheeseandmice yours makes me borderline jelly! Just joking, love you way too much to ever get jealous! (well ok, maybe half joking ;))

    So I have a little suggestion/favor to ask you, and I just know ur the man for the job...

    As you might have already heard, beautiful (According To) Annika is not feeling very well, and is going through a pretty tough time in her life right now...while I'm sure her always-grateful spirit appreciates all the loving well-wishes and prayers her many, many supporters have been blowing her way, I'm sure it would feel so much more real if the hands extended and shoulders lent were a little less invisible, you know? So I thought maybe, because I know you love to do the themed outfits we all love you for, maybe sometime soonish one of the next ones could be dedicated to Annika? It's just a thought, you obviously don't have to or anything...but yeah I just thought she might find it nice to see the love I know everyone in that little community has for her, you know? From faces that are even more familiar than they are far...i don't know. I think it would help her feel less alone. Kind words only go so far when limited to silent, impersonally-uniform shaped figures on a computer screen IMO... So yeah, you're pretty much the only other blogger I spy on, and I'm sure she loves you...and i'm sure there's a chance that an awesome charactery-costume 'for Annika' type outfit might just maybe hopefully make her smile.

    I know she loves:
    Harry Potter
    Grays Anatomy
    Gossip Girl
    Books...but then so does everyone.I hope.
    Ummm red lipstickkkkkkkk
    Some random 'ausie shampoo' that I awkwardly don't think is sold in australia? in this isn't actually on the list. But maybe.
    Ikea? No I might have made that up
    HORSIES!!duhh yeh she loves them...

    There are probs a million better ones that you can think of if you ever decide you might do this...
    I've been thinking of her all day (heaps of ppl have!) and mate I just want someone to make her smile!
    Be that person Bobby!! Be her far-away-friend :)

    I mean i loved how everyone united their efforts to show their support for japan... the whole point of participating in discourses and contributing to the media is to make it better, and I really liked that, so I think it would be real to just be unapologetically open about the love we all have for other human beings, and be honest about our true nature, that we are noble, that we are naturally and innately altruistic beings, that we are able to feel love for whoever crosses our path, because as much as we are socialized to conceal it, none of us can help that daily falling-in-love-with-a-random-stranger phenomena thing from happening--the nice bus driver, the smiling child, the flustered tween, the sleepy old man. I think expressing our concern for others is natural. The law of attraction exist in all things and in all degrees. What's unnatural is people being scared of the L-word. ( I don't mean the 'real' one lol)...anyway my criminally compulsive speech has yet again used it's friend qwerty to molest someone's blog. Sorry.
    Ok demasiado was an understatement before we reached the list so yehhhh bye-bye-bob-bee.
    Lol how do ur parents say ur name...el 'bo-bi'..nuestro 'bobito'... Robertito...'tito' Ahahaha bobote.
    Ok srsly enough.

  13. bahaha! Maybe she is satanic! you never know! lol
    I found your blog thru Seek & Sleek & I followed of course! I would love it if you passed by my blog & followed back! If you love fashion videos, I would love it if you passed by my youtube channel too. Hope to see you around. Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog :)

  14. i love your blog
    and your outfit on lookbook

    folloeing you

    i'm new blogger
    hope we can follow each other and you give me some advice

  15. Great Outfit and Pictures ;)

    Love S.

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  17. Great look!

  18. oh my, oh my I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR STYLES! I love how you combine things and make them look amazing :) digging all the shoes and sweaters btw! I am now following you and you styles!!! come check out my euphoric fashion trends for everyone! xoxo-Monica


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