Friday, August 26

Violetta's Boyfriend

This look is dedicated to Violetta Ell one my favorite girls on lookbook from the start.
I miss her soo much I decided to to make a look inspired by her style. So here I am, dressed as her make belief boyfriend wearing docs, galaxy print, and of course a cig ;) Love you V! ♡
Where I got it: Galaxy Shirt: Romwe, Everything else: Thrifted


  1. nice shot and like ur hair style and almost everything u wear.

  2. I love your new Layout, ITs amazing !!!! LOVE THE LOOK♥

  3. such a great look, totally love it!


  4. @Simon!!! thank you so much!!! i'm glad you like it!! although it's under construction!
    @Daria thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! Much appreciated! <3

  5. I love your look! and Violetta is amazing

  6. Violetta´s awesome girl! :)
    You´re perfect! I love your t-shirt!

  7. Oh yeah, Violetta is soooo cool. And I could say the same thing about you :D

  8. i love your new hair cut you look awesome, but i think i'm going to miss the old jesus-like one look :)

  9. This is really great outfit, especially I love your shirt! And you look damn good, haha!
    I'm big fan of Violetta's style too. She is amazing!

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  10. OMG i just want to know how find your galaxy tee shirt.

  11. yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!
    i love you so much :)

  12. Lovely outfits! <3 and omg, I looove your hair. I was planning to do that with mine so I don't actually have to shave a part (:

  13. Glaxy print looks amazing on you!! I love everything about his outfit!!It looks vintage punk rockish with modern twist. FABULOUS

    Closet Full Of Style

  14. thank you so much everyone!!! <3 i am truly amazed by all your comments!

  15. I'm a little late at replying back but thank you so much for the sweet comment.
    Your outfit takes my breath away! You look amazing and I loove your hair.
    You have a new follower and I fanned you on Lookbook as well. :)
    <3 Judy

  16. found your blog through lookbook through bethany struble and now i'm loving it. its cool and awesome. btw, i don't usually follow a boy's blog, but your blog is an exception. :)

  17. awesome look <3 it's a nice galaxy shirt :)

    Have a nice day!
    Addictos de La Moda

  18. Looking SO HOT Bobby!
    Love the look, and feeling kinda jealous of Violetta :P

  19. your hair looks so damn good, i love that style i've hyped it. i love Violetta too, she is unique and amazes me.
    Nice done.


  20. i never new that a boy could be so well dressed! I just found your blog and am in awe! its amazing :) you just definitely gained a new follower :)


  21. The shirt looks great on you,nice shoots,almost got the real galaxy by the first sight,appreciate both your boldness and unique tastes for fashion,really fantastic,love all!!!

  22. <-- Big Fan

    but... how do you do your hair this way?

  23. Gosh, you'll make the most handsome boyfriend ever!
    (I know I already commented here, but I really, really love this look :P)

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