Friday, August 5

Holy Denim

Hey guys!!! I hope you like my total denim look! It's actually for this contest, and if you could please VOTE for me here!! that would be amazing! I doubt i'm going to win but it was just for fun and being inspired! hehe, oh and guys, if you've watched that video, it was for jokes! ahhaha I just wanted to show you that i took these photos in my backyard with a ladder in less than 1 hour it was just soo funny rolling around like a retard, it's really an illusion and well.. i hope u don't mind my sense of humor i just pulled 2 all nighters and popped some benelyn because i've been sick and well.. it just my head spinny ahah so yup that all makes sense then!!! have a good laugh!!! 


  1. nice bikes mr silly ! hahaaa <3

  2. This is amazing! *o*

  3. HAHAHA! I died at your vid. And how in hell did you manage to do that photoshoot with your cam on a friggin' ladder?! That's just genius. :')
    Great shots, Bobster!

  4. Oh my gosh! That was hilarious. I am still laughing, my neighbors probably think I am some sort of psycho let loose! Haha.
    At first I thought that someone actually took the photos! That's really cool how you used the ladder.

    I still can't stop laughing when I think about: 'like f***ing Jumanji!' - LOVE THAT LINE!

    You have a lot of denim - I gotta say.. and a lot of bikes! Haha, keep being awesome!


  5. So cool! You can never wear too much denim, haha.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  6. great work on denim.
    even i am a denim freak.
    keep posting...i am following you. follow back?>

  7. denim world on bobby's blog, very stunning!
    truly creative!

  8. loving your whole denim look! Your proved that with taste you can make everything look good.

    Closet Full Of Style

  9. As usual you look so funny in the videos I just love watching you haha! Great post, I don't know how you make such great photos by yourself. Amazing Bobby teach meee damn. haha


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