Sunday, July 24

Enchanted Melody


  1. Wow, love this theme! Cool pictures bobby :D

  2. made a post too :D
    you look soooo amazing!! <3

  3. OMG! *O* Great photos! ^^

  4. perfect look for you :P

    miss you and love you

  5. I just don't understand how you manage to make your pictures so perfect, and also your themes, songs, everything!! Hope someday I can get my blog to be as good as yours.

  6. Great photos Bobby! I love your jeans!

  7. love all the leviation inspired looks but this is by far was my favourite one!! so creative and original, amazing concept and outfit (pants are the best!) and you face in the 3rd picture, just wow!

  8. You are so cool! :D So unique and inspiring, I love it.

    I wrote a few lines and putted up the video with you and peter adrian, bethany struble and adam gallagher on my blog, hope it`s ok! :)
    All of you really inspire.

    Hugs from a 16-year old girl in Sweedeen! Feel free to check out my blog btw! :P

  9. Great post with great outfit & photos! Love everything.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  10. those levitating photos are so amazing! :) love your outfit too

  11. thank you for the comment in my blog, bobby.
    i love your style! always taking a look at lookbook. hahaha

    ty, byee!

  12. hey you awesome boy!! thank you so much for the birthday wish <3

  13. hey, awesome Bobby, i'm just wondering what's your favourite book? or poet?

  14. Hey I just gave you the one lovely blog award, be sure to pop by my blog to check it out! <3

  15. i'm first time on your blog. i saw you on really nice hair :D do you like cheap monday jeans? answer me... i saw you on my favourite jeans which i didn't buy in weekday shop...ech :( read my blog and comment. thanks. keep smilin'

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