Tuesday, June 14

Nautical Summer

 During my summer here in California, my friends and I were given the opportunity to model a collection from laposteggia.it The concept of this fashion shoot was inspired by a nautical summer. By using contrasting colours such as pink, white and navy blue, we were able to create a fresh and preppy look for summer.  Matched with a pair of sunglasses, and minimal accessories such as a compass to complete this summer look. This photoshoot was the most fun I've had in years! Hope you like this look!
Models: Bobby Raffin, Sarah Struble, Bethany Struble, Peter Adrian, Timothy Pattison
Designer website: www.laposteggia.it


  1. I love it! Lookbook's best all together in one shoot! Your blog is so awesome and inspiring, Bobby! :>

  2. Aah these pictures are so cute

  3. gosh!!! thanks so much guys!!!!! i'm smiling soo much!!! <3

  4. simple but perfect! love you. <3

  5. thanks so much Eszter!! glad you like it!! ^_^

  6. everything just looks so perfect, i'm sure you had the time of your life, or well.. i don't know what to call it! :D
    and it's just wow, indescribable!
    i just love it bobby dear!

  7. Great photos Bobby! You look great!

  8. great photos, you guys are amazing models for the clothes, I could see these as a commercial campaign love it! :)


  9. @Trine that's very sweet of you!! it was so much fun taking these photos!
    @Adam!! thanks buddy you are amazing too!
    @Christine thanks sweetheart! it means a lot! <3

  10. I love thiss, every look looks pretty :) Great post.

  11. OMG! Jealous!! You're all adorable <3

  12. thanks Jenn and Gaby!!! i love you guys!

  13. What flawless models! I love all the photos! :)

  14. awwwe!! gosh! thanks so much!! <3

  15. I really love your style and blog, Bobby! <3

  16. You know that I love your style honey, but your blog is AMAZING! Genius!! :))

  17. thank you so much everyone!! it means a lot!! <3

  18. I have tot say it.. You are so hot!

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby