Sunday, May 8

Together we can help Japan!

This weekend a group of Lookbook members teamed together to support Japan’s tsunami and earthquake victims by raising awareness all over the Lookbook community. It became such an inspiration that Lookbook wanted to share their support by donating 1$ per hype to all the looks dedicated to Japan. As listen below you can see some of my favorite photos by the members who helped bring awareness and hope for Japan. A special thanks to everyone for supporting this cause! Every “hype” will help make a big difference because together we are stronger!


  1. aw bobby this makes me so happy! <3

  2. awwww you noticed your photo on here!!! ^_^ I'm glad that you like it gorgeous!!! thanks for the comment!!! <3

  3. Dude, I just hyped all of these! And how does it feel that lb will donate loads of money because of your look? I shoulda done this too!


  4. It feels AMAZING to help!! If i had the opportunity of course i'm going to take it! :D thanks so much! <3

  5. theyre all amazing.
    this is one of the most beautiful meanings of fashion.

  6. you guys are AWESOMEEE.
    Super stylish and kind-hearted <33

  7. its amazing! love that idea! i hyped almost all of you guys. im sorry that i cannot hyped one look twice. :(

  8. Bobby great blog n this post!

    follow me

  9. That is such an great idea from Lookbook. And great that you participated in it :) Good deeds are important, and you all have cool outfits!


  10. all of you are amazing!! :))

    are your friends mostly Asians?? then i'd like to be your friend! teehee

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