Friday, February 11

You are my Addiction.

In this look, I feature some of my favorite items of all time. (all in one outfit combination!) I call this the rocker/gypsy inspirational look, which is a mix reflected in my favorite current style trends. I'm wearing a very bold and busy mix of patterns going oneway and the other. (and that's okay, in this case, the more the merrier.) I'm wearing my favorite headband which I use to wear almost everyday in high school at onetime. None of you would have noticed... but It's also worn in my very first look ever posted to! I really wanted to bring it back because I feel its perfect for the spring trend of headbands. The graphic T-shirt I'm wearing I got a H&M and the rest is all thrifted from the Salvation Army, Value Village and Black Market. I really hope you enjoy this new experimental look! P.s. readers! I have a very special look I will be posting on Valentines day! Have a good weekend and I can't wait to hear from you! -Bobby


  1. perfect, once again! and that headband is gorgeous ♥

  2. In my opinion rock/gypsy style suits you the most!
    And I can't wait for your special look - on Valentines :)

  3. I love this outfit!

  4. Looks awesome. The headband is completing the rocker look :)

  5. ohhhh
    my dear Bobby!
    it`s so beautiful :)


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