Sunday, May 9

The H&M red carpet Verdict: babies?!

Hey viewers! Here are some photos from the h&m grand re-opening last week! Here I will show some photos of me, my friends and some other styles of people at we encountered at this event.Hey! That's me on the red carpet. Here I'm wearing many layers of custom made shirts and them zipper pants I also made.
That's Allan! my bff. He's a stylish fellow and of course he always wears a classic bow-tie.Meet Menaka! She's wearing the h&m tank top and bag we got at the doors. Lovin the freebies! YEAAH!

Janna looks pretty ridiculous! ahha, Her look is inspired by spring chicken. Paco is our Spanish straight boy friend. We met him this weekend. He loves us.
We encountered this mysterious looking woman in the h&m line up. She won 50$ how lucky but she didn't know what was going on lol. I think she's homeless or something. SUSPICIOUS
I thought this girl was cute. I love when Asians dye their hair gold. I think it's my hidden fetish. Most people think obvious fake hair is gross but I'm totally serious. She's hot. she's my fav<3! The next few looks I'm about to share may appear to be in for a scare!

I WARNED YA!! lol and I question myself.. "why are these people at h&m?" This isn't a GARAGE SALE!!!!! LMAO
UGGS? FOR SERIOUS? IT'S LIKE MAY.I'm sorry to break it to ya, but this isn't an audition to America's next top model..
.............This has got to be a joke... a real camp rock shirt? and proud?My overall verdict: WHY DO PEOPLE GOTTA BRING BABIES?!?! they really don't wanna be here! TORTURE! TORTURE! GIRL, IMA CALL CHILDREN'S AID ON YO ASS!!!!


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